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Public Sessions

Walk-ins only!

Enjoy our hot & cold therapy. You can access all the saunas, ice bath, cafeteria and relaxation area.

What to bring: a swimsuit, water bottle and flip flops.

What you will get: a bathrobe, two towels, shower supplies and unlimited sauna use on weekdays (weekend visits are limited to 4 hours).

Guided Sessions

Reservation required 

You will be led through a contrast therapy experience that includes the sauna, cold water barrel, cold shower, and steam room. This guided 75-minute session includes breathwork and movement that will help you connect more deeply to your body and your senses, prepare you for the cold and leave you feeling empowered and rejuvenated. 

What to bring:  a swimsuit, water bottle and flip flops.

What you will get: towels and shower supplies. No bathrobe.

Private Facility Rental

Reservation required

You can rent our entire facility for your event when we don’t have public or guided sessions.

What to bring: towels, flip flops, a swimsuit, a water bottle, food and drinks (optionally).

Email us at to arrange your rental.

Other Services


Our cafeteria on the second floor is now open and serving beer and light snacks.

Massage service is currently unavailable. We will update the website when it’s back.

What we can do for you


Steam Room

The basic feature of a steam room is the gradual warming up of the body that comes from hot marble, benches, and the floor.

During the recommended session, the body gradually heats up, and inhalation of the warm, humid air creates a positive effect on the bronchial tubes, lungs and skin.

It is recommended to stay in the steam room for no longer than 20 minutes for each session. As your body temperature increases, cool water from bowls is splashed over the body and face to bring your body to a neutral temperature. 

Recommended time 10-15 minutes

Temperature 45-50 C (110-120 F)

Humidity 90-100%.

Russian Banya

Russian Banya exposes your body to high temperatures and humidity. The temperature on the top shelf could reach up to 80 C. It might take time to get used to it and we don’t recommend to spend more than 5-10 minutes inside if you are new to Russian Sauna.

The banya promotes healthy immunity, speeds up metabolism, restores nervous and muscular systems, and has a positive effect on weight loss.

If you want to maximise your experience in the Russian sauna, then use a special whisk to fan the hot steam from above closer to your body. The whisk is made of dried birch or oak branches with leaves and is used to improve blood circulation.

We highly recommend wearing a special hat to protect the head from overheating.

The head wear and whisk can be purchased at the front desk.

Recommended time 5-15 minutes

Temperature 60-80 C (140-176 F)

Humidity 15-40%

Dry Sauna

The main feature of the dry sauna is the heat emitted by a high-efficiency electric stove over stones, which radiates dry heat.

Built out of Northern Ontario premium cedar, the dry sauna has two levels of benches that vary in temperature. The temperature is usually around 70-80 C on the bottom shelf and 80-90 C on the top.

Intensive body heating melts away stress and strain of tired and stiff muscles, blood circulation accelerates. Toxins expel from the body with sweat, the skin clears, the respiratory tract is heated up, the lactic acid accumulated in muscle tissue after physical exercise is dispersed, and the nervous system calms down, stimulating the immune system. 

Recommended time 10-15 minutes

Temperature 70-90 C (158-194 F)

Infrared Sauna

Our modern Far Infrared Sauna produces invisible and gentle sun-like heat to improve your overall wellness. The infrared head is safe and unlike the heat produced by microwaves. In an infrared sauna, only 20 percent of the energy is used to heat the air, leaving the rest of the energy to heat the body. The radiant heat can penetrate deep below the skin producing a gentle warming inside the body.

It has been proven that infrared heat stimulates the lymphatic, immune and cardiovascular systems and helps remove toxins.

It is a great treatment for muscle and joint pain relief, stress and fatigue relief, skin conditions, chronic stress and detoxification for optimal health. It is an ideal treatment for people who cannot tolerate high heat in a traditional dry sauna. 

Recommended time 20-30 minutes

Temperature 45-55 C (110-130 F)

Cold Therapy

Barrel with cold water

Dive into the cold water barrel between your sauna sessions to improve blood circulation, heat exchange and metabolic system.

Bucket Splash

An ideal cooling-off procedure for the bravest customers. The bucket filled with cold water is instantly dumped on you to improve blood circulation and cool down the body between sauna treatments.